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Improving Access to Childcare

Parents need safe places for their children, which is why Senator King has worked to increase access to childcare providers and centers through childcare tax subsidies and credits.

Safe, high quality and reliable childcare is a critical piece in addressing the workforce shortage, but financial hardship and under enrollment resulted in Maryland losing nearly 800 licensed childcare facilities during the height of the pandemic. Bolstering our childcare ecosystem for Maryland families was a top priority and Senator King was the lead sponsor of four pieces of legislation that were passed to enhance child care, including a bill that removes barriers by improving the childcare scholarship program; creating a $35 million revolving loan fund for critical child care facility renovations; provide $16 million to support the hiring of new employees and the retention of existing employees through bonuses; and finally, an additional $3.7 million to provide a permanent funding source for programs that provide specialized child care and education for young children with severe developmental delays and physical disabilities.